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Keep Your Ford Vehicle Running Like New: Schedule Service at Cavender Ford of Oklahoma City

We understand you've invested your hard-earned money purchasing our Ford vehicle, and whether you bought your model brand new or used, it's likely an essential part of your daily routine. Many people take their cars for granted until they break down and must find other means of transportation. At Cavender Ford of Oklahoma City, we want your Ford car, truck, or SUV to run like new for as long as possible. Our service center is here to provide you with regular maintenance to keep your Ford model running optimally at all times. We understand that sometimes it's challenging to find time to have your car maintained, repaired, or inspected. Still, we can make keeping your vehicle in excellent shape convenient by scheduling your service ahead of time.

Benefits of Scheduling Service at our Service Center

Scheduling your service offers many benefits, whether a major repair job or routine maintenance. When you book your appointment online from the comfort of your Edmond couch, you can schedule your service at the most convenient time for you. Booking your Ford service ahead of time will also save you time. Our certified technicians will confirm your needs, inform you of the appointment specifics, and provide an estimated completion time. Our factory-trained technicians can also give your vehicle a multi-point inspection to ensure no other issues need attention. If we find something that may cause a problem, we can address the issue and make any necessary repairs.

Why Your Ford Vehicle Needs Regular Service

If you want your car to last a long time and run as it should around Bethany and beyond, it's essential that you have it regularly maintained. Good vehicle maintenance includes regular oil changes, brake inspections and repairs, transmission service, tire inspections and rotations, wheel alignment, cooling system checks, and battery replacement. Our service department can keep your car in optimal condition with regular maintenance, but it's important to remember that excellent service is only part of proper vehicle maintenance. The parts you use are crucial for your car's performance and lifespan.

OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM parts, are made by your car's manufacturer, in this case, the Ford brand, and are made with exact specifications for your vehicle. OEM parts fit and work seamlessly with your specific vehicle make and model, offering high-quality performance and longevity. While you can save some money upfront with aftermarket parts, you could spend more replacing a substandard aftermarket part in the long run. Many aftermarket parts are made with lower-quality materials than OEM parts and are tested with different strict standards for quality than OEM parts. Our service center only uses genuine OEM parts for all your vehicle repairs and maintenance to ensure your car gets high-quality service and repairs.

Choose Our Certified Technicians

The technician that services your vehicle is as important as the parts your car is equipped with. Our mechanics are factory-trained and know exactly how your model should operate. While you can save money using small repair shops, you run the risk of poor repair and servicing by a technician who might know all the ins and outs of your particular car. If a part is installed incorrectly, it can lead to more severe damage to other components in your car and poor performance, which can cost you more money in the long run.

Schedule Service Online

Your car should last long and run well for many miles and years around El Reno and the surrounding areas. While every car will need repairs sooner or later, you can keep your vehicle in excellent running condition with regular maintenance. Schedule your routine maintenance and repairs with our service center today, and let us ensure your car will have a long and happy life. After you've made your appointment, take the short drive and navigate to our dealership today. Cavender Ford of Oklahoma City proudly serves Piedmont and the surrounding areas.